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Small Indian Brands makes Big Impact

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Small Indian Brands Which Came Forward To Help In 2021

We need to face up to the severe crisis our country has been going through. Well, at other times, fashion and craft could have been an escape.

Colors and creativity have the ability to match your rage and impotence in hard times.

Alternatively, amidst this pandemic, where not only famed brands like TATA GROUP, ZOMATO, and fashion brands contributed their sales in COVID-19 relief funds. But some young indie small businesses also stepped up to hold up the situations in their way.

SHORTAGE MADE IT WORSE! When COVID-19 was devastating India and its health care system by an immeasurably more fatal second wave in March 2021. When India was in lead inactive cases which drastically result in scarcity of beds, oxygen cylinders, other medical appliances, and vaccines. When death rates expand exponentially, these small businesses hold up as much as they can.

“Fashion is more art than art is” and these artists proved it undoubtedly. Engaging your attention to the unfamed real contribution. Is funding is everything?


A small Coimbatore-based online clothing business took a great initiative. Bend de trend started a weekly sale named #TheHumbleWeekSale. They pledged to grant profit from their three-week sale to the COVID-19 relief fund. This small organization has aimed to build back India to its base. Even from their small contribution to relief funds.


When we lose, we get to know the importance of that thing or person. After losing her father due to COVID-19 this lady who is a craft artist started a small digital craft business. She took an oath that every single penny of her business will be availed to people in need. Either it’s food, shelter, or medical appliances help


Arpita Mehta who’s giving 100% of her kaftans sales to Ripples of Kindness, which is helping provide oxygen concentrators to hospitals.

It’s not about the capital, Delhi-based veteran Urvashi Kaur, who is giving her best in support of craftsmen via Dastakar and Crafts Council of India.

In case, this budding brand Saundh, which focuses on Indian resort prints, worked with a Surat-based NGO to set up a 100-bed COVID-19 treatment facility There are numerous small businesses and SHG who are helping India in many ways without in the urge of getting fame. Some SHG like women’s self-help groups came up, to fulfill the shortage of masks, sanitizers, and other protective supplies. Not only this, women from a rural community who are far away from the limelight do play a major role, the role of “STITCHING” stitching masks, And even fighting misinformation.

India is in a phase of recovery. Not only mentioned, but many other Indian small businesses have stepped up for COVID-19 relief. Health care systems have regained the stability and all appliances with medicines, vaccines, and other necessary articles.

Such small help results in a good outcome. Just like we defeated the further two waves, we can resist the third way to come into action by following guidelines and COVID-19 PROTECTION RULES. In a hope that everything will be alright soon.


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