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Graphic Design, the digital flair

Graphic Design Work By Anantha Krishnan

Over the years, consumers have become more aware and selective of their goods and services. To present it better and develop a visual connection between the consumers and product, it has also become essential to provide a more interactive platform to users, to enhance their experience. How would one do that? With Graphics!

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Designing is an integration of Typography, Photography, Illustration, and Iconography to render ideas better. But it wasn’t always like this; earlier it focused on movie posters, magazine covers, illustrations, advertisements, and typography. Now it has spread to various fields and caters to a much larger audience. Graphic Design now incorporates Advertising and Marketing, User Interface, Publications, Packaging Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, etc.

The Indian narrative

Filmmaker, the Graphic Designer, and Illustrator Satyajit Ray is considered the first graphic designer in India. He started off by designing print covers for children’s magazines, the most popular of which is ‘Sandesh’. He also designed various movie posters, magazine covers and even became an art director, later in his career.

Where to go for more knowledge?

If the field of Graphic Design enthralls you, then you can take a look at some e-learning sites like Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare. If you wish to get more academic knowledge and experience, there are a handful of institutes in India that provide courses for the same. NID Ahmedabad, NIFT, Vogue Bangalore, are just a few of educational institutes which provide a degree course in Graphic Designing.

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