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Creative Kit Distribution Campaign

The children of today will be adult citizens of tomorrow. The kind of destiny that awaits the nation will be determined by their character and personality as shaped by us. Rightfully said that childhood is the golden period of life when there is limitless zeal, curiosity and enthusiasm to learn anything and everything. As a consequence nurturing a bright and blooming childhood in a comprehensive manner has become essential for every nation and society.


We, the people at the Indian Design Society, a non-profit organisation, intend to provide motivation to these children to pursue their dreams and inform them about design industry through our imitative “Endowment Creative Gear”. Design is currently as popular and in demand as other industries such as engineering and medicine. Design is a way of thinking and what better stage to nurture that thinking than at an age that knows no biasness.

Children are capable of a wide range of achievements and marvels, all they require is adequate ability channelling, appropriate supervision and training and suitable atmosphere.


Throughout this campaign, we will be visiting Government Schools and distributing creative kits to children. Along with the kit distribution there will be fun-filled engagements for them like drawing competitions. This campaign focuses on boosting their confidence through open expression of their inner creativity and stimulating the free and fearless spirit in them.

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