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Some visionary heads always leads to an innovative step. So is our CREATIVE WELFARE. Our non-profit organization the Indian design society took a great initiative amidst the pandemic. Creative welfare took a compendious approach to fulfill the basic requirements for those who were lost their work in COVID-19.


In times when people have forgotten the value of Craftsman and their work, we the Indian design society are in work to make them recognizable. The question is: Do we ever look back at the hands that enhances the beauty? Be it anything, even a small bracelet or a toy. Not even In this tough times, but they are one who endeavor for lead of their life.


The Indian design society bring lacquer toy artisans into the spotlight to bring amelioration to their basic requirements and to fulfill their basic needs. This campaign is mainly focused on to bring such art in attention to lift hands of artisans. With different strategies like fundraising, direct contact marketing, and donation process with different ranges.


The gifting company works as follows, the donor can send a description for around 200 words, and then it is translated into an illustration by an illustrator. Afterwards, This illustration is made into an artwork within a week. This artwork reaches gifting happiness to make a handmade product and finally, the product reaches the donor.

A target of ₹30k has been set to help the artisans for the betterment of their life. From different ideas of raising funds to direct contact marketing, we tried every possible way.


The way we acquired to raise funds were divided into 3 categories, or I say distributed into three different ranges. With different ranges, we provide different gifts made by our artisans.


The Indian design society collaborated with three different groups. The first one is an NGO of Uttar Pradesh that is "Hastaya Vikas Yevam Sahayata Samooh". The number two collaborations is with Illustrators, lastly with a handmade gifting company named gifting happiness.


NGO helped us to reach out artisans, permission through local police and many basic works and permission which were necessary In the time of Crisis.


Illustrators and gifting company helped us to give away for the contributors whose contributions made things possible.


One more collaboration was made with a non-profit organization called MILAAP. It was an idea of crowdfunding, which is also an important part of our creative welfare campaign.


We raised ₹15k of total target of ₹30k, which itself a great achievement for us and for the artisans too. We handed over Thankyou certificates with ₹500 cash donation and safety kit to our artisans. Who made all their efforts and gave their best.


We reached out to 20 artisans families, but there still 1500 artisans who still need your support. Who still surviving in these tough situations. We are still working, and we will complete our target and will help the craftsman.


In a hope and with all our hard work, we will make the traditional art and artisans recognizable to bring them into notice, to improve lift the current conditions